Reaching Out

Welcome to Sterling and Stones and how we are now operating in the pandemic. We agree with RCSC that our members’ health is always our primary concern, so our rules for the duration are their rules. These should not be new to anybody by now as they are what careful people are following all around the country, and further.

We  mandate social distancing by setting out workstations at 6’ distancing from every other one in the club. This limits our total capacity at any time to 10. With summer passing, and our hopes that snowbird members are returning, we may have to also set schedules so all our members who wish to have club time may actually get club time. More hours will be available ONLY with monitors signing up for them! Stay tuned for announcements on this.

RCSC has hand sanitizing stations as you enter all of their facilities. Use them. The club ALSO has one as you enter the club, before even signing in on the computer. You must use this also, every time you re-enter through the door.

Masks must be worn at all times. We realize they must be adjusted for eating and drinking, so we have eliminated all food offerings in the club. Anything you bring from home you must eat outside, and hand sanitize again as you return. Coffee will not be provided, nor ice water. Feel free to bring a capped bottle from home with your name / initials on it, and you may pull the mask aside for a brief  moment for a drink, then replace both  your mask and the bottle cap.

Workshops and classes cannot be held during this time, as it is impossible to teach/learn from a 6’ distance. We will be using this site to post videos or links to some which our members have found helpful. We will also be coordinating to make some videos – we hope, stay tuned – showing how some of our members use a skill or show a technique. This will also be a (moderated) forum for members to discuss solving a problem or adapt a skill to a new use, so we will be hoping for your input.

Membership meetings cannot be held in person at this time, and you can expect to be contacted not only about how to deal with those issues (email? phone? something else?) of contacting everyone, including for our elected officers for 2021. Pandemic rules also prevent our X-mas party, and the Fall Festival where we all hope to make some income from our creations.

Our on-site store is also currently closed, so feel free to contact us about any items of your own you may wish to remove. Jewelry selection committee is not meeting until the store can reopen, so this may include items submitted awaiting approval as well as those already on display.

We appreciate your understanding of our restrictions during this time, and remain open to ideas, issues, and any other club-related communications.

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