It's time to turn your jewelry ideas into reality

Fairway Sterling and Stones offers a variety of equipment to make jewelry.

Our club is unique in that we have equipment used in all aspects of jewelry making in lapidary, metal smithing and fused glass. All in one club. We also have a supply room for you to purchase what you will need for any project. Click here for more info.

Club membership is limited to valid RCSC Cardholders only.


Shaping and grinding silver as well as machines for copper, brass and other metals.

Rock Saw

Saws for cutting slabs from large to small. As well as saws for the rough shape of cabs.


Kilns for use in fused glass as well as during the casting process of various metal jewelry forms.

Rock Grinding Wheels

Several wheels set up with different grits to shape your stones in lapidary.

Sheet Metal Cutter

Used to cut your metal into workable sizes for your jewelry creations.

Metal Roller Press

We have a variety of metal plate designs that can be imprinted on your sheet metal through this roller press.


We offer two tables of torches with safety classes on their use.

Grinders & Polishers

A room full of wheels for both stones and metals.

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